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Brown and White Monkey

How are we different?

We started with an aim to fill in the gap of quality product on a fair price that is kind of non-existent in the market. Out of so many reasons that make us unique, here are a few-

  1. Customization- We Offer customization at all levels, starting from material to color, design to embellishments such as SWAROVSKI!

  2. Quality and Precision- As we are undertaking most of the production ourselves, we ensure quality down to the minutest detail.

  3. Comfort- Our research suggests most of the brides feel stressed and uncomfortable in their wedding attire over a period of time. So we dedicated our focus not only on design, but also to provide utmost comfort to the wearer even after long hours.

  4. Pricing- The best part is, you get to choose how much you Spend on your Wedding dress. With prices starting barely @25000/- INR, you can customize to your heart's desire!

  5. Our Designer- Krasimira Asenova. Hailing from the beautiful country of Bulgaria, she makes the perfect amalgam of European Quality and Indian traditions. With over 15 years of experience with leading brands in cities like London and Plovdiv, she is now nesting in India to share her expertise.

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