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Lehanga Collection

Now you don't have to compromise on what you want and what you don't for your dream wedding-dress. With customization starting at most basic level, you can get the best possible there is..

Red Fusion

Starting @ INR 1,50,000/-

The ultimate fusion lehanga, with the surreal red and Mantra on the dupatta border representing the Indian-ness whereas the corset based top with unparalleled quality and design siding the west.


Red Fusion 1

Brown and White Monkey


White Hibiscus

Starting @ INR 45,000/-

This design is a perfect Indo-Western dress, with a Hibiscus designed on a wide net based lehanga and a beautiful corset on the top.


White Hibiscus 1

Brown and White Monkey

Hib 2

Lotus Bloom

Starting @ INR 43,000/-

This organza based design combines the classy with a modern look. On one hand the purple gives the ancient Royal vibe, on the other is the contemporary design with the bling of more than 200 Swarovski crystals makes it an ensemble to long for..


Lotus Bloom 1

Brown and White Monkey


The Winter

Starting @ INR 1,15,000/-

Inspired by the winters, this velvet based design is inspired by the warmth of a bonfire shining on the flora around with amber flying around, depicted by over 600 swarovski crystals embellished in it.


Winter 1

Brown and White Monkey

DSC_0344 copy.jpg

The Monsoon

Starting @ INR 80,000/-

Inspired by the monsoon, the velvet based design is inspired by the peacock surrounded by nature, giving it a unique splendor. The sheer amount of zari embroidery makes it a rich experience in itself.


Monsoon 1

Your New Favorite Item

Brown and White Monkey


The Spring

Starting @ INR 35,000/-

Inspired by the spring, the velvet based design is full of colors and flowers and the happy vibes!

3 copy.jpg

Spring 1

Brown and White Monkey

2 copy.jpg

The Summer

Starting @ INR 25,000/-

Inspired by the summers, this art-silk based design incorporates the look of a garden with light lemon color giving it a fresh feeling.


Summer 1

Brown and White Monkey



Starting @ INR 30,000/-

This classic gold on white combination with some floral art on the dupatta makes it a delight to look at.


Goldilocks 1

Brown and White Monkey

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