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Western Collection

Get the look that makes you stand apart with our unique western and fusion collection..

Ocean Pearl

Starting @ INR 35,000/-

The simple combination of white and gold gives it a look of a pearl in an oyster.

6.1 copy.jpg

Ocean Pearl 1

Brown and White Monkey

4.1 copy.jpg


Starting @ INR 45000/-

The corset dress like the beautiful flower in itself is a perennial beauty.

1 copy.jpg

Periwinkle 1

Brown and White Monkey

2 copy.jpg


Starting @ INR 25,000/-

This corset based dress gives a very pleasing look that is enhanced by the soft tones of pink.

7 copy.jpg

Lilac 1

Brown and White Monkey

9 copy.jpg

Officially Red

Starting @ INR 25,000/-

This sharp looking dress gives a great look for both official and not so official occasions.

10 copy.jpg

Officially Red 1

Brown and White Monkey

11 copy.jpg

Paris Pleats

Starting @ INR 15,000/-

Inspired by the Paris couture, this dress provides you a quirky yet formal look.

15 copy.jpg

Paris Pleats 1

Brown and White Monkey

13 copy.jpg


Starting @ INR 10,000/-

This dress is a powerful combination of class and style, which is enhanced by the golden and royal blue details.

16 copy.jpg

Snowwhite 1

Brown and White Monkey

17 copy.jpg
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